Scaling Success: Windsor's Strategic Journey into Digital Marketing The Challenge

Written by
John Doe
Published on
10 March 2022

The Problem

In 2022, Windsor Jewelers, Inc. set ambitious goals for themselves:

  • Generate 2.3 times more leads compared to the previous year.
  • Utilize inbound digital marketing strategies.
  • Host in-person buying events in collaboration with local jewelers across the United States.
  • Integrate and digitize sales funnels and marketing channels, including implementing a CRM system, enhancing email marketing, and refining content marketing efforts.

The Solution

Windsor Jewelers, Inc. has partnered with Scale Agency on a transformative journey. Beginning with an exhaustive Business and Marketing Audit, the collaboration pinpointed operational strengths and growth areas. Precision targeting was emphasized through the creation of detailed buyer personas, enhancing Windsor's marketing strategy.

Recognizing the digital imperative, Scale advised the integration of HubSpot to streamline operations and bolster customer engagement. The culmination took shape in a Comprehensive Marketing Plan, a meticulous blueprint covering every facet of the marketing and sales journey. 

Windsor Jewelers, Inc. concurred with Scale's meticulously crafted plan and opted to engage in a comprehensive retainer agreement. 

When Windsor began working with Scale on the Strategy Engagement, we were at a tipping point for marketing. As a one-man team at a seasoned estate jeweler, stepping into the digital marketing world was overwhelming but the obvious next step. During the engagement, Scale helped us create a strategic blueprint that made sense for Windsor's brand awareness and growth needs. The strategy engagement went so well we've brought them on full-time to help us execute their plan. We're looking forward to taking our expertise into the digital marketplace in a beautiful and thoughtful way!

Dora Maddux

Marketing Director at Windsor Jewelers, Inc.,

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